snapshot: soompi crash

I just realized that the Soompi crash happened five years and four days ago.

If you were in the fic world then, what were you up to? What was cool and important to you? What was the general atmosphere like and how have things changed since then? (This doesn’t have to be limited to a Soompi experience. It’s just a time marker ^^)

3 thoughts on “snapshot: soompi crash

  1. I really miss all the old posts from before the crash. 2005 was the year where I really got into the soompi community despite joining before that. It was probably when I was most active and when the crash happened, I was pretty disappointed that so many posts I enjoyed had disappeared, especially the stuff back from like 2003 because a lot of my favourite writers wrote a lot of their most well known stuff in 03/04.

    I sometimes wonder if it’s mainly because I’ve grown older or because the soompi community has changed a lot because it definitely doesn’t feel like how it used to be. Fanfix feels more commercialised if that’s the right word to use. PM lists, soundtracks, etc. all that stuff hardly mattered pre-crash but with time, those things seem to have become a massive deal on soompi.

    The community feels a lot larger now. It feels harder to make closer friends. I guess that is somewhat inevitable when a forum explodes in size like soompi has.

  2. i actually couldnt believe it happened o_o
    i dont know why i remember this fic, but i was reading one called Stone Eyes (i think) and it was starring minwoo and the writer never reposted it… i was sad :( (it stopped around the bit where the girl disappeared i think :S) and Chocolates and Rain by Rowena was in the midst of being posted :(
    also the teddy boy thread had to be restarted (was a bum having to wait for the chaps to be reposted etc.. )

    and and THE OLD SHINHWA THREAD –my most missed thread i believe. all the photos.. all the supportive messages.. all the crazy fan talks :( gone just like that.

    last of all i miss the old fanfix site (you know the black background.. what happened to it? ive tried going into ti but some pages dont work :( ) thats where all the old school fanfics were!

    1. Oh yes… Eyes of Stone. How I miss it so!! I think it was also posted on Solid but Solid kept dying as well so it was difficult to keep track of. I read it partnered with Out of a Tainted World :P Enjoyed both and miss the unfinished one a lot.

      I miss the old site as well but it was lost with the crash ): Reading your comment brings back “the old days” so to say ^^;

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