Name: Tiffany
DOB: 11.28
Contact information: risachan03[AT]
Online aliases: &&TiFF;ANY. tiffanyrawrr whoaaaitstiffany
Forums most frequented: soompi, ficaholics
Completed fics: The Host Family, Hanabi, Blink, Broken, Best Wishes
Current fics: drafting a few right now, but nothing more
Additional information: —

fancracked: Hello Tiffany ^^ Thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview (: As a starter can you tell us how you got hooked on to kpop and kpop fanfiction? ^^

tiffany: No problem. I’m actually quite honored ^^ [and] oh god…let’s see….first fanfic I read was What I Did for Love….totally old school and cliché but when I was…however old I was when I read it, it was like the best story ever. After that I kind of forgot about fanfics and kpop altogether, then one day I just stumbled on Soompi and got stuck ever since.

fancracked: For some reason I always get the feeling that we all found/got directed to What I Did for Love through unusual/unique/special circumstances lol Where did you read it and how did you get a hold of it if you don’t mind me asking ^^;

tiffany: I don’t even remember…I think I was linked to some website by a friend that just had the whole story there and like, hearts falling down the page and Because I’m a Girl playing in the background, haha

fancracked: That’s so funny because I was linked to a Xanga with Lee Sooyoung’s “La La La” playing xP

tiffany: hahahaah! I think that story is the universal fanfic that everyone has read whether or not you are into this kind of thing or not. It was like the joy of staying up all night to try and finish another chapter or two. It was the first of its kind and I think it’s hard to find something that creates a feeling like that again, which is why people reference to that story so much.


fancracked: How long have you been around reading and writing?

tiffany: haha oh man…I don’t even know. I remember writing one story before the huge Soompi crash…and then I probably picked up and started to seriously buckle down and write in ’06….so 4 years now. Seriously doesn’t even feel that long cause I abandon so many stories and have incomplete thoughts all the time, haha

fancracked: What keeps you coming back despite any “hiatuses”? ^^;

tiffany: Music….is most definitely my biggest motivator and inspiration. When a new song comes out or even if I listen to an old song I haven’t heard in a while, it just sparks something in me. I’ve always loved to write, but I’m horrible at character development, so I think I use kpop in order to have a certain base that I can build off of. It’s also certain artists, actors, celebs that play a huge part…photo shoots, interviews, random youtube videos, any little thing can inspire me to write about them or to create an idea that may or may not be finished.

fancracked: Can you name some gasoos that have had personal significance to you at one point or another?

tiffany: hahaha, oh man….definitely Big Bang…I think I refer to them more than anything, and especially TOP. I feel that he’s really dynamic as a person because people already perceive him as a certain way and it’s fun to mess with his character to create new lives for him. I’ve written a lot of stories based around him, so I think he’s the character/gasoo I love the most.

There are some [gasoos] we experiment with, and some we lean on. Because one of the stories I wrote with him took probably 2 or 3 years to finish and I just got to really work with him a lot…as if he’s like a real person…haha I think every writer/reader experiences that, which is what makes us such a tightknit place.

fancracked: A lot of the interviews have touched on the “writing experience” but since you’ve stared hitting on it, can you give us extended thoughts on the “reading experience” ^^; ?

tiffany: To me…being a reader is like…a crazy feeling. I usually like to read stories once they are completed or are close to being completed because I HATE waiting. I’m so impatient it’s amazing…haha. But I think when I find a story I really like…and this is probably for any other reader…your connection with the characters and the writer really grows. You start to fight for the character and hope that their life turns out okay in the end. And when I read a story that really allows me to connect with the character and understand their story, it just really inspires me.

I think being a writer and reader works in this never-ending circle. You want to become the writer that is able to catch people’s attention and as a reader you really want to be able to feel the story, not just read it and let your brain tell you what the words mean. You want to understand why the author chose to write in 1st person instead of 3rd or made the girl the main character instead of the guy.

fancracked: If I asked you to define fandom and fanfiction in your own words, how’d you go about it? ^^;; Also… what do you think is important to note about fandom and fanfiction in general? What is so unique about the kpop fandom and fanfiction experience? ^^

tiffany: I think fandom and fanfiction creates this mesh between those who are seriously integrated into the creative arts but also find themselves interested in kpop culture. Fandom and fanfiction play off of each other and lets you into the writer’s personal world of interests, likes, and dislikes. You can always understand which celebs the writer likes and doesn’t like just by noting character development. I think it allows two worlds to intersect without any problems are complications because they play off each other and complement each other very well.

I think what’s so unique about kpop fandom and fanfiction is that the readers already have a certain connect with characters before they begin the read a story. They obviously already like a certain group, singer, actor, actress, etc. and they go into the story already liking the mere foundation of it and because of that their connection to the story can only get stronger.

I just think that…when you pick up a normal book…the reason it takes you so long to get into it, is because you have to sit there and get used to the characters and tell yourself whether or not you truly believe who this character is. But when it comes to kpop fanfiction…a lot of the times characters have set personalities, which is not a bad thing, and then you get to see them in different situations and sometimes the writer does a really good job of catching you off guard and completely flipping the character around for you and then you grow this newfound appreciation for the character. But when you read a normal story, you don’t have this previous connection with the character, so the change in that character may be great, but you may not appreciate it as much.

fancracked: What do you think of writers who say things like “My readers get mad at me when so and so doesn’t get featured/get together/etc. based on their favorite fandoms”?

tiffany: I think…that the readers who get mad about that – not to offend anyone, or to make anyone mad – don’t really have the right to get mad about that. If a writer is honestly a good writer, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who they write about. And I think a writer shouldn’t always base pairings and characters off of popular demand. I mean, it’s a risk in losing a fanbase, but if a reader truly loves you for your writing, they’ll stick by you. But to go back to what I said about gasoo connections, it would be hard for a reader to probably get interested in the story with a gasoo they don’t favor, but sometimes it’s something worth sacrificing for a great writer.

fancracked: Is there a particular writer who you’ve kind of grown with/followed? ^^;

tiffany: I would probably say the two writers that I stay up to date with the most are anika and Solangel. With anika, I think I read Red Lavenders first, and then went back to read Linked To You and Paper Airplanes and then followed the fanfics she wrote after that. With Solangel, I didn’t start to read until she posted The Joy of Being Happy, but I went back and read Banana Pancakes afterwards and then when Love Bugged came out, I went and read CBU in about 2 days and cried my eyes out. hahah

fancracked: Crying your eyes out (or feeling like you’re going to) is always like a great “testament” … like that one gripping point in the story ^^;;;

tiffany: haha most definitely…I find myself to be pretty cold hearted…so if I cry…it’s like crazy and usually I cry alone at night, so I just look all sorts of a hot mess, but it’s worth it hahah

fancracked: What are some memorable moments in the fic world that affected you personally?

tiffany: I guess I can break it down a bit…the most memorable moment for me would probably be receiving my first comment on the first story I wrote after the Soompi crash. Just seeing that someone took the time and got interested in my story really sparked something in me. Because it was the self-gratification that really kept me fueled and enabled me to continue to write and try to find other people who would be interested in my stories. It was just one of those moments where you sit there and you’re like wow…did that just really happen? I’ve always been writing (for about 8 years now), keeping my stories, poems, and drabbles in a notebook hidden from everyone so when I saw that people would take interest in my ideas it really allowed me to grow.

fancracked: Can you give us the title of the fic? ^^;

tiffany: It was The Host Family…. a jpop fic, but that was when I wasn’t totally into kpop yet and went to a singer I really liked.

fancracked: Oo! That was your Ayumi Hamasaki fic then yes? I was wondering if there was a particular reason why you chose her earlier ^^;;;

tiffany: hahaha yeah, that was way back when though…haha

fancracked: haha aww what’s “wrong” with back then? ^^;

tiffany: hahahaa, nothing really…just thinking about how I wrote back then… my writing has definitely changed. ahaha definitely newb days. lol

fancracked: Oh the writing journey! Tell us about how it went and is currently going for you ^^

tiffany: Let’s see. I started to write around the age of 12 or 13…and I used to only write poems. jotting down random things during class whenever I was bored of whatever and I was in the creative writing club in my middle school and one day the teacher made us write a story…but I never picked it up again until about a year or 2 later. I used to only write poems because it was a way for me to just get my feelings out there…but then I started to realize that my poems were too personal and that I couldn’t really do much with it. I couldn’t inspire anyone or share it with anyone because I was too shy.

Then I discovered writing stories again. I always created crazy scenarios because it was a way for me to live vicariously through my characters and just let them live their lives and do the things that I was never able to do. But then I tried to make stories more relatable…create real life situations that could happen to a person and then I started to grow disconnected with my characters and that’s when a lot of my hiatuses started.

It wasn’t until a while ago that I realized I could have this balance between my life, the real world, and this imaginary world. So now, when I write I try to make one or two characters have my characteristics so that it’s easier for me to write or figure out what they would do in certain situations and it makes creating scenes and plots much easier…but for some reason I’m still in a hiatus…haha, I’m probably just lazy right now more than anything.

fancracked: We often talk about “serious” aspects of fandom/the fic world in private/forum discussions but let’s take a break from that~ Think back to your most active days (the days you felt most in touch with your fandom(s)/the fic world)… What made you happy back then? What was fun, fulfilling, interesting, etc?

tiffany: As a writer, it was definitely when I could sit down and just write like 2 or 3 chapters at a time. I never really planned out my stories, so I guess just thinking of something as I typed was really fun, because it just made me feel like I was on the adventure as well. Like the characters I didn’t really know what was going to happen until I sat down and wrote. And definitely it would be waking up from a crazy, vivid dream and just being able to hatch a story for it. And just the support and seeing that the views on my post went up every day. It just kept me going

As a reader, I LOVED it when a new chapter was posted right when I got home from school or woke up or something like that. And especially if I was the first one to read it and comment on it. It was also great just seeing stories that broke clichés and really got your heart racing with details and development.

fancracked: Reminds me of the joy of topping pages or being the first poster like you said lol

tiffany: haha yeah! Saving posts and totally cheating to keep your spot…good times.

fancracked: Since you’re into Big Bang, tell us a bit about them and their niche in the fic world.

tiffany: The Big Bang explosion was really similar to the Shinhwa or the DBSK one. It was like one day, everyone wanted to write about Big Bang. They were everywhere and it was crazy. But I think the one thing that makes Big Bang fanfics so enjoyable and one thing I think resonates in all fics that involve them is that in real life just by watching interviews and behind the scenes videos they are so quirky and have so many sides that it’s fun to play with the characters and manipulate their personalities because you kind of know they have the ability to be a certain way or another without being totally unrealistic. Especially when “Lies” came out…that just sparked this major Big Bang wave that kind of created a new era of fanfiction…I think that’s why I find them so enjoyable because I think they actually played a huge part in the development and growth of fics.

fancracked: What are some of your favorite quirks of theirs? (In fics or as gasoos. i.e. certain dynamics that play out… Jiyong and Seungri’s usual antics with one another and so on ^^)

tiffany: hahaha, well individually… I love how Daesung and Seungri are almost always comical relief. Either that or Seungri is the cute little high school boy that just pops up everywhere and eases the tension of the fanfic. Top’s always this hardcore, scary looking gangster who has a soft spot, Taeyang always swoons a girl by just existing and Jiyong is the sensible one or the crazy over the top one, depending on the mood he’s in. haha I think these are the most typical quirks, but it just always seems to work in a fanfic equation.

fancracked: (kpop) fanfiction’s still relatively young compared to other forms of fanfiction and/or writing genres all together. What are things about it that you hope will always be a part of the nature/culture/content of kpop fanfiction and why?

tiffany: I would have to say…how…approachable the whole concept is. Even though it’s still something that’s new…a lot of forums are opening up to support these writers and I think as long as something like that is still accessible, then it will continue to grow and flourish. And having communities like that just make it easier for the reader and writer to interact and I think that interaction is something that is imperative when it comes to writing and being a reader.

fancracked: What do you think the future of fanfiction will be like?

tiffany: In terms of gasoo…shifts will occur a lot as long as a new pop sensation comes emerging out; that’s how it’s always has been and it’s the driving force that keeps fanfics alive. As long as there is something new and fresh out there, it will dominate the fic world and keep it running that much long. I hope to see that in the future NG fics will become more prominent, but for the near future, I still see it as being the underdog, but something that is appreciated when it is done extremely well because no one can deny a good story. I sure hope that amazing stories become movies one day kind of like the movie project that is happening for CBU because I believe these amazing writers need more recognition for the hard work and time they put into their stories. All in all, I think the future of fanfiction will be very, very bright.

fancracked: Did we miss anything that you’d like to talk about?

tiffany: Readers! Stop being silent, it hurts our feelings and creative juices – well, mine at least. Just saying hi really motivates someone to write once they know they have someone reading. All you writers out there…..PLEASE someone write a story with Jay Park AND TOP…I would love you forever. <3 :]

fancracked: Would you like to send any message(s) to anyone? ^^

tiffany: 4tang, please come back to Soompi :[. I can’t remember my login, password, and email for ficaholics and miss your stories/writing dearly!


fancracked: Lastly~ Thank you so much for making the time to do this interview ^^

tiffany: Thanks for the interview — it was an honor! I had lots of fun!

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