Name: Ng Kai Ting
DOB: 23/11/1991
Contact information: kaiting999[AT]
Online aliases: tingest
Forums most frequented: Soompi, OneTVXQ
Completed fics: The Mail
Current fics: Mission YWJJ, Fanmeeting, Doubled Faced, Target Acquired, Boyfriend from hell
Additional information: Love DBSK (especially Changmin!), likes to read fiction (romance, horror, thriller, supernatural and sci-fi)

TOP 5…

FAVORITE FICS: Wedding Wrecker by insertusernamehere, In a Heartbeat by shattered_teardrops, Smile by xkisekix, Ever After by winter’s serenade, Kissing a Fool by bechedor79.

FAVORITE WRITERS: bechedor79, insertusernamehere, C00kie3005 ( i think i only have 3 haha)

MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: (actually i didn’t really catch the trend though… i was active around 08-10, and even though the story was long completed, i think the must reads were…) Conversations Between Us by Solangel, Epitome of Simplicity Ephemeral by Ephemeral, Banana Pancakes by Solangel, Disloyalty by I^am^me, He’s the devil by expressway.

GUILTY PLEASURES: DBSK+Ri In, stories that take place in high school, stories that have love triangles, stories that have happy endings.


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why : **spoiler** The scene in Wedding Wrecker where Junsu was made to chose between Tae Yeon and Ri In to jump off the bridge with him and he talked to Ri In in some secret code which eventually led to them being saved from the kidnappers. (I was thinking, BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! And it certainly is! For the writer to lay out the plot and to think of such an intricate stuff, include it inside the story and ABLE to explain it to the readers at the same time is really quite a feat.)

CHARACTER(S) & why: Changmin in Wedding Wrecker (Wow, this fic totally threw me off balance from the way the author portrayed Changmin. So badass, so different from the general stereotypes people have of Changmin. I feel like punching Changmin in that fanfic, and its really impossible for me to feel that strongly for someone who I deeply love. HAHA), Jae Joong and Yunho in No More Silent Readers! (I normally don’t read stories that involves/talks about gay pairing/love, because I find it plain awkward and weird, but this fic was so hilarious I could not stop reading and the author manage to incorporate the YunJae couple/love inside in a mild manner that I was still able to accept. But in all, because they were gay inside the fic, they really stand out against the rest and I just cannot forget them.)

COUPLE: Taeyeon and Junsu in Wedding wrecker!

MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: The change in FOTY definitely! haha. [in regards to 2009]


THIS TITLE: Nobody reads my fanfic (This is actually a very versatile title and a title very fitting for a comedy story- I LOVE WRITING COMEDIES.)



Wow… I don’t know what to say. To Pris and Lisa, thanks for being there to help when I was writing, you guys had no idea how much it meant to me. And, I guess I hope to see the comeback of DBSK fics? I missed those days where I could just keep browsing those DBSK fics and never get tired/run out of stories to read. I’m really glad I got into writing/reading fanfiction because it changed my life. :)

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