fancracked: Can you tell us a bit about your own fics and writing experience? (:

sunny: haha let’s see if I can remember them all!

Let’s seeee…. the first fanfic I wrote was… The Diary of an Alien? Something like that. I remember I had a lot of fun when I was writing it, but I read it again a while back and it was awful! haha I’ve always had a bit of an imagination, though… so I remember having lots of fun putting down all my ideas onto a document. I’d literally stay up until like two or three in the morning writing, writing, writing. It’s pretty funny though… It was one of those fanfics where I just poured everything I wished would happen to myself, as embarrassing as that is now.

fancracked: Aww… those days are always so precious! haha

sunny: haha x) Well, after that, I attempted a couple short stories. I think I finished one? Connoisseur… or something like that. I can’t remember what it’s about actually, except that there was a bakery. 0___0 haha I’m like pulling out all my old documents and rereading them x) With the exception of one shots, I think I’ve only completed three stories? hahaha

fancracked: The saddest thing is that there are so many ideas still running around (it just doesn’t look like that.)

sunny: Seriously! It’s a bit of a bummer though, because sometimes people have the same ideas as you, but if they post first, it’s like AWW mannnn! I can’t post it now because people will think I plagiarized haha x)

fancracked: I know what you mean. That’s one of the reasons why I started my drabble threads lol

sunny: Same! Except mine’s dead. x)

fancracked: But then there are some ideas that I hold back just because I’m so afraid someone will “steal” them even though I know they won’t. It’s just the protective writer in me LOL

sunny: Same!!! I’m a little greedy with my ideas haha Even though I try to be modest, it’s always nice hearing that you have a nice idea that someone else hasn’t thought of yet! x)

But yeah… there’s so many pieces I haven’t finished.

fancracked: Which ones stick out to you?

sunny: Let’s see. Ribbons, because that got pretty big for some reason. hmmm. Through Your Eyes! It’s a more recent one, but I was having so much fun developing the characters (though the plot got nowhere, lol) I think those are the two that stick out most. Everything else was a bit experimental and just flopped.

fancracked: Can you tell us a bit about them? ^^;; (As a side note, I didn’t get to read all of Ribbons before you stopped writing it but I remember it had a lot of serious content–unexpected content, I guess I could say without spoiling it for future readers.)

sunny: I know! I was surprised people found it interesting, since it kinda wasn’t the typical love story, haha

Okay so… Ribbons is about this girl who’s completely enamored with her next-door neighbor, Kim Jaejoong. The two used to be close friends but time and circumstances bring them apart. However, another series of events starts bringing them together, as well as some other characters, and everything boils into this rather unfortunate mess. And that’s as far as I got with that story, haha.

Through Your Eyes is super short as of now–I think only two or three chapters? It is about a girl who is blind (reasons which were not disclosed yet) who decides to transfer to a public school after a year or two of homeschooling. She meets this student named Lee Jaejin, who’s a bit of a punk. While he’s usually a rebel, he softens up when he meets the girl, and they become friends. And… that’s as far as I got, haha x)

fancracked: When FT Island came around, they were probably the first group (aside from Super Junior) to kind of  “shake up” the fic world after DBSG. I remember you as one of the more active FT Island fans in the fic section. ^^;

sunny: I think I was one of the first people to write about FT Island, at least on Soompi. It was a little weird. I’m not totally sure why, but something about writing about them held me back. Like… I dunno. Maybe it was because it coincided with when I decided I wanted to write a little more seriously or better… but I was extremely careful about what I wrote about if it involved them?? I dunno, it was super strange!

fancracked: Strange?? But in a way I understand how you had to switch approaches because it was a different fandom. I think each fandom gives you a different feel as a writer. ^^;

sunny: Yeah! Definitely!!! It was like… I wanted to write something nice because I liked them so much haha but yes. I was a tooootal fangirl for them for quite some time. Probably like… a good two years or even more.

But yeah. It was interesting because they weren’t the first “rock” band to step into the pop scene in Korea but they were quite popular, probably because they were pretty haha x) It’s pretty funny, though, because as I followed them for a couple years, I could see them grow as artists and it made me so happy, haha x) I felt like a mom, LOL

I don’t think it was until a year or two after their debut that I got comfortable with writing about them. I was pretty happy when I realized I was comfy. It’s like I didn’t want to taint them with my terrible writing or something, though, haha just because I liked them so much at that point but it’s interesting… I dunno if it’s just because I’ve been out of the fanfic scene for a while, but there’s still not that many fanfics about them!

fancracked: Why is it so important to you as a fan-writer to give justice to them through your writing?

sunny: I feel like, with FT Island, they were the first group I really respected. I respected them for the steps they were making as “rock” artists breaking into a dominantly teeny-bopper/sugary pop scene. And, as with any other artist, they put up with a lot of hardships to get to where they were and accomplish their goals. And the way they went about carrying that out in a mature manner was very respectable, at least to me.

I guess writing about them was a way for me to express that but I didn’t really want my writing just to be any fanfiction that just babbled about how cute or great they were because I respected them beyond just superficial liking them for their looks or music, I guess I wanted my writing to be more than superficial.

It was a pretty interesting experience, in that, as a writer, it helped me really look for ways to express my fandom for them in a more mature manner. That stretched me to try out different writing styles/looking from different perspectives/etc. :)

fancracked: As writers we go through highs and lows, but what keeps you going?

sunny: A lot of the time what keeps me going is the fact that I really want to share my ideas with people. Regardless of whether it’s through fanfiction or some other form of writing, I really enjoy toying with ideas and playing with words. My lifelong goal is actually become very eloquent so somehow, even if what I start doesn’t exactly go as planned, I’ll try to finish something (unless it’s long, like chaptered fanfics, haha), whether or not it’s exactly in the form I wanted it to be or not.

I don’t really have a motto or anything at this point but just the joy of writing keeps me going. I feel like you should never be stressed to write something or finish something, especially if you’re doing it for leisure, as most fanfic writers are. I guess that’s why I never fare well with chaptered fics? hahaha I remember a few years back I had a really big slump… I was starting fic after fic and just couldn’t get myself to finish any of them. I was really unhappy about it for a while but then I realized that I really shouldn’t push myself. I guess that’s why I don’t write as much these days, simply because I only write when I want to, haha x) but I feel like, for me, at least, it’s better that way :) I’m sure at some point I’ll finish all my fics, whether I end up condensing them into short stories or one-shots or something, but I think I’ll just give myself time and when I’m ready I’ll pick them back up again. :)

fancracked: What do you think the relationship between a reader and a writer is?

sunny: I think that the readers and writers are interdependent on each other. Without writers, readers wouldn’t have anything to read. Without readers, writers wouldn’t be able to get very far. And I’m not necessarily just talking about popularity and such. Readers play such an integral part in a writer’s growth. As I mentioned before, there are so many little things that readers point out that writers wouldn’t catch on their own.

Writers don’t necessarily become good writers just by practicing writing alone. It’s the process of reading other people’s works, of observing techniques that you yourself might use or never considered and seeing how those may or may not work in different pieces, and perhaps even integrating those elements into your own work that helps you expand your horizons (as cliché as it sounds) and grow.

fancracked: As a general wrap up question, is there anything that you’d like to touch on that we didn’t get to cover? Any last words or messages?

sunny: I’m really glad that I got to be a part of the fanfiction scene. It’s pretty interesting–it seems like just an arena for fans to express their respective fandoms, but at the same time I’m sure there’s a lot of writers out there who discovered their passion for writing like me! ^__^ I’m no great writer, by any means, but having participated in writing stories and such helped me realize that I actually do like writing (contrary to my beliefs at the time), and has pushed me towards wanted to become better at the art… because really, in the end, I feel like writing is a craft.Anyone can do it but it takes a lot of work and commitment to write well :) I guess that goes along with the next question! haha

If there’s anything to throw out to the fic community, it’d be for everyone to make the most of it! Fanfic forums are a great ground for writers to get their practice and such while also having tons of fun :D

fancracked: Years and years from now… if someone asked what you made of this whole experience, what would you say? ^^

sunny: I think I would say it’s an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and that’s helped me grow in so many ways. Not just as a writer or reader… but through this community I’ve met so many people, peers and unnis? haha And by talking and writing with them I feel like I’ve been able to discuss topics and gain different insights on them that have helped me grow as a person haha I know that’s very vague and general, but it’s true :)

fancracked: Aww! I think a lot of people can relate with you ^^;

sunny: haha I hope so! There’s so much to gain from being a part of any community like this, not just fanfics, that I hope that at least a handful of people are able to enjoy and benefit from an experience like this as I’ve been fortunate enough to do :)

fancracked: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me Sunny!!

sunny: Thank you so much for interviewing me!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and am super honored!! I think this is one of the first times I’ve talked in depth about this sort of thing so it was quite fun :DDD

[Part I of the interview]


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