Name: Shazana Bt Shamsul Bahar
DOB: 24th May 1994
Contact information: s.shrn[AT]
Online aliases: MR. LEE’S, SHERN, *cliche
Forums most frequented: soompi, UMA
Completed fics: girlfriend
Current fics: betrayal, soulmate, etc but, well i’m only working on these two.
Additional information: i frequently change my biases. you’ve no idea how many biases i had so far. haha.

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: balloons by dearskye, killing ahnna lee by dearskye, conversations between us by solangel, the summer house by Moe, my pingpong boy by Moe, rooted in uncertainty by whore!sica
FAVORITE WRITERS: dearskye, solangel, moe, whore!sica
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: balloons by dearskye. i love it. but too bad i didn’t get a chance to read it when the author’s in the process of completing it since i bet, it must be fun if i was one of the readers at that time. being able to shower her with my supports. i don’t sound weird, no? haha. i joined soompi since last year, so my active period would be 09-10. but, i kinda have stopped reading fics, except the ones which had got me hooked and i think the amount’s less than 10, for now.
GUILTY PLEASURES: i’ve no idea. haha. probably hot guys? LOL. but, i think each fic has hot guy as the hero, so it doesn’t really make sense. so, i’d choose… the main idea of the story. it has to be good enough to get me hooked.


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: he walked through those doors to see the girl of his dreams, leaving behind the girl that dreamed of him – taken from killing ahnna lee.

i liked this, because it’s able to make me feel pity for the girl. and i could feel how she felt, hurt. i know, i’m not being reasonable at all. that’s me, if you don’t know me. ^^
CHARACTER(S): park jaewon, because he made me feel like he’s real, and wanted him to be real. of course, it’s ridiculous. i kept on thinking about him, about the things he’d done for/with may. i’d had to admit, i wish i were may. haha. i should say thanks to solangel for making me feel like this.

shim yaewon, the main woman from balloons. i like her, really like her. i like her boldness, i like when she killed people out of mercy, i like when she loved brian until the end of her live. i like her. and she’s the first character who’d made me cry. i’ve never cried before when i read any fics. so, well, thanks to both shim yaewon and dearskye. it’s sad. i cried while listening to without a heart by 8eight.
COUPLE: hrm, actually, i don’t know. haha. is it accepted? LOL. because i don’t like any couple.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: i like when i logg onto soompi; i’d get all excited and happy when i see 4-5 NEW MESSAGES. i know, it sounds so insane but i actually like it.


THIS TITLE: idk, haha.
THIS LINE: same, idk.


erm, so hye people. i actually don’t know what to say but, i was honoured and shocked at the same time when fancracked contacted me. well i don’t think i deserved this and i’ve been questioning myself, what did i do to deserve this and it felt so ridiculous to me. and i thought it’s a dream, but of course, i wasn’t when i checked my inbox back. okay, i sounded like i’m exaggerating. haha. okay, i think like i’m a weirdo here. -.- so, hrm i think i shall end my babble here. thanks to those who’ve been supporting me even though i doubt i have one. haha. to those who know me, hye guys and you guys rock, and of course, love you guys. <3 till then, bye and have a nice day. ^^

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