Name: Nai
DOB: May 15, 1990
Contact information: imagi-nai-tion[AT]
Online aliases: too many to name LOL
Forums most frequented: Soompi, ALL YG, YG World, YGBB, Super Colossal, Ficlics…
Completed fics: Devotion, Clueless, Black Vodka, Unexpected, Cinderella
Current fics: Ignoring Cloud Formations
Additional information: Long time YG Family fan! :) I almost always write about them unless I’m writing for someone else, like for a gift and whatnot. My favorite YG men are Wu, Teddy, GD, and Jin Hwan. <3

TOP 5…

To My Boyfriend by Guiyeoni; By Heart, By Soul by kpopchild; Ever After by summer’s sweetie (?); 16 Pink Balloons by… I forgot who it was by but I read it on Soompi.

– FAVORITE WRITERS: I don’t know, I guess I really don’t have a favorite.

– MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: My favorite fics, of course! LOL. And some others that were “must reads” included Jaded and What I Did For Love.

– GUILTY PLEASURES: The bad boy story TAKES THE CAKE!!! I can never get enough of the troubled male lead. HAHAHA. And the whole Teddy Park or Lee Min Woo as the lead gangster. Of courseeeee. And right now, I’m into my OTP: GD&CL. <3 <3 <3 I’m also a fan of high school fics.


– LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: “Yeah, you’re good… you’re hella good.” (Eun Kyung’s comment about Kang Soon’s singing in To My Boyfriend). I don’t know why but for some reason, that line always stuck with me. Of course, he had a plethora of other awesome, sweet lines as well (like the one about naming their kids during his test T_T)… I think it was the situation too, of how he was replaying her recorded voice over and over in his room, crying by himself…

– CHARACTER(S): I feel so repetitive but again, Kwon Eun Kyung!!!!!! My perfect man in every lifetime, LOL. *hearts* His devotion to Kang Soon really engraved itself in me. Growing up, I’ve been fostered into believing that men can’t be faithful and that they’re all wired to cheat, but with Eun Kyung, he was so into Kang Soon (to the point where it was just sad because the feelings weren’t always mutual). She was his one and only. That really appeals to me, and that’s why he’s my favorite and ideal guy.

– COUPLE: As much as I like Eun Kyung, I did not like the Eun Kyung + Kang Soon couple. Frankly, she’s a stupid and ungrateful bitch. I realize that most of the fics I love and vividly recall had unsettling relationships. LMAO. WTH -_- There was a fic I read when I first discovered Soompi about Eric (Shinhwa) and Bada (SES). I thought their relationship was the sweetest, and even though I don’t remember much of the fic or even the title… I’ll always remember how they, as a couple, made me feel.

I don’t know… I feel like I haven’t been around in the fic community long enough to have a moment LOL but I guess… a moment that changed me was when I realized, ‘Hey! I could write a fic.’ And the rest is history, in layman’s term.


– THIS TITLE: The Eternity Drug <—beautiful and striking. To My Boyfriend <—simple yet amazing.

– THIS LINE: Every sweet line Eun Kyung said in TMF, LOL.


I don’t know what to say. LOL.

3 thoughts on “FAN ON THE STREET: NAI

  1. EunKyung love. :) I know I read that story, but for some reason, I remember the characters but not the storyline. Interesting fact that I did not know: Guiyeoni was accepted into SungKyunKwan University. Oh the controversy. XDD

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