Name: Melissa
DOB: way to old…let’s just keep it at that. :)
Contact information: just pm me if you want to chat!
Online aliases: Mellybean
Forums most frequented: soompi
Completed fics: I didn’t write any. Do you mean completed fics I really liked? If so, I have a few:
Welcome to the Underworld by Contemplate <–I didn’t even know this was completed until I did my research. I think I need to reread the entire thing because I’ve forgotten so much! Kissing a Fool by Bechedor79, Disloyalty by I^am^me, Cupid Inc. by Saharial, Queen of Wishful Thinking by Skylee, anything by Ji Eunie, Dilbangee, Aramis, Solangel etc. = mark of quality!
Current fics: I’m not writing any…but here are some unfinished fics I really like: Chubby buddies by Hellocatty, IHop4U by the7real, DEUS` EX MACHINA by kawaki, Office Relationships by Volatile Soul, Once Loved by Iridescent, White Tea and Lily by i.nvalidc.reditc.ard, The Assistant by Lear, Hope Springs Eternal by pickly pickly
Additional information: I love to read all sorts of stories, but I think my most favorite kinds are the ones that make me run the whole gamut of emotions. And, I love when authors take chances…whether it’s writing something supernatural or just by surprising me. I like when my expectations are turned upside down. That keeps me interested. I also love when the authors make me think…and when I connect to characters.

TOP 5…

Purple Chimera by Faithless(My all-time favorite…very underrated on Soompi), A Pause in Mortality by lilliefrost, Ever After by Winter’s Serenade, 不 愛 (does this count? This was actually a very well-done translation), and SMJ–Storytime by Melonbar92.

Faithless!!!! If I were to describe her writing style (and I would be describing it quite poorly), it is equal parts comedy, angst, and just simply good writing. One second you’re laughing out loud, and in the next instance, you’re dabbing your eyes. There’s also a real sense of poetry to her phrasing at times. You might also know her for on old Soompi for The Eternity Drug (also excellent). Her stories are criminally undervalued on Soompi. Everyone, just go read her. Go, go.

There are a few fics before my time actually that I really liked…like: Cinderella…but the Glass Slippers Never Belonged to Me by Angel JJ., Circle circle Dot Dot by Shinhwa Freak, Memories by Rowena…

During my time…all those fics I listed previously. I feel like I may be missing some stories since it’s been a while, and if I did, my apologies to the writers.

[My most active period was from 05-08]

Guilty pleasure cliches…are those where people are forced into a relationship (like roommates or through contract). Let the fireworks fly! (Hello, Personal Taste.)


I really can’t tell you any. There are so many terribly beautiful lines in a lot of these stories (A Pause in Mortality! etc…) that to pick just one would somehow imply superiority to other similarly beautiful phrases.
– CHARACTER(S) & why:
Why are you asking me so many hard questions? Haha…I loved Sakito from Purple Chimera (hmmm…do you sense a pattern here?:P). He just seemed so innocent, pure, and totally in love…his personality was so endearing.
Hard question again! Well, even though I’m a sucker for romances, I really like the friend-coupling of Yeonhee and Seunghyun of Chubby Buddies. They just seem like genuine, adorable friends.
I think there was a time where there was really lazy writing going around. And it all stemmed from translated fics. Those were the ones where there were tons of emoticons and spaces (that took one whole page…I know…what??)…so instead of writing it out, people relied on emoticons to convey feeling.


– THIS TITLE: A Pause in Mortality


You know, nothing beats good writing. You can write the most cliche thing in the world, and I will just gobble it up because of writing quality. Some writers are fantastic and have well-deserved legions of fans. For the writers, however, who don’t get a lot of readers but are just simply brilliant, I say: Don’t give up. There are fics out there who will have a bazillion readers (read: Twilight) because they are riding a trend (a desired coupling…or a popular show, etc.) but may have mediocre writing, and you may feel unsupported because you have a few readers. Just keep writing. Because you love it. Don’t compromise for the readers. Be true to yourself and write what you want. The number of readers does not reflect the quality of your writing. How many shiny, favored idol bands (which shall remain nameless) do we know who fall short of less popular yet superior singers? For any readers out there, try not to be a silent reader (guilty…but I try) for these kinds of authors. They need our support. Writing takes time…and quality writing even more. So, in that respect, I think they appreciate constructive criticism and sincere appreciation. I’ve been guilty of leaving shallow responses (“write soon!”) myself, but I think authors also appreciate well-thought out responses. It shows you paid attention and recognized the work that went into that well-turned phrase.


  1. hi for the cinderella story by angel_jj, does anyone who that person actually is? or is that person just anonymous on the internet. i read the story because it was on your all-time list, and i just loved it. i actually read it 5 years ago, and reread it recently.

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