The Basics:

Name: Ji Eun
The 15th of November
Contact information:
soompi PM inbox – SN: Ji_Eunie
Online aliases:
Ji Eunie. Past ones: Traytor, P_I_N_K, ChoolAe, Connye, Kkoma, Hedwig…etc…
Forums most frequented:
(past/present) Funky Fanfics, FFL, Soompi, H5T, Ficaholics, WA
Completed fics:

Pre-2004: Never Meant to Be, Glass Rose, Love Forever, Shadows in the Light, Trees in November, A Thousand Words, Last Dance, Jekki Series: Six Crystals, Since You’ve Gone, Time


Ji Eunie: The Venus Fly Trap Method, Sexy Beast, Urban Legend, After Ten Years…, End of the World, Fermata, Gossamer Wings, Happy Birthday, Slow Dance, Ribbons of Light

Traytor: Once We Get to Paradise, Ditto, The Cracked Sky, Dong Bang Shin Ki Series: Symbols of Love, Fame,  Green Frogs, Hopelessly Painful, Painfully Hopeful, The Human Condition, Quietly Here, Shimmering Light, Shinhwa Series: Six Facets of Loneliness, Something that Came out of Nothing

PINK: The End, The Scarlet Fixation, Timeless (MV interpretation), Gumball Machine Ring

There’s more, but that’s all I can remember right now. :X
Current fics:
Feverfew, A Long Romance


fancracked: Hello Jieun! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview (: As a general starter can you tell us how you got introduced and hooked onto kpop and kpop fanfiction?

jieun: Hello ^^ I got into Kpop the winter of 1996. I had been listening to gayo (Korean music) all my life, but I didn’t become a hardcore fan of anyone until I went to Korea with my mom the winter of 1996 and discovered H.O.T. I spent 2 weeks in Korea and came back completely smitten. I remember I went to the music store near my grandma’s house and bought magazines and posters all to do with H.O.T. and lugged them with me onto the plane and made sure they didn’t get wrinkled. I still have those magazines and posters…

fancracked: lol oh man!! The trials and tribulations of fangirling…

jieun: I know right? The stewardess offered to put my stuff up in the overhead bin and I was very adamant.

fancracked: Since you’ve been around for so many years what sorts of phases have you gone through as a fan — and what does fandom mean to you at the end of the day?

jieun: My personality type is where I’m interested in everyone that comes out, and I tend to be pretty good about knowing members and groups and what they sing. But there are only two groups that I can really categorize myself as a FAN of, and that’s H.O.T and Big Bang. (Hardcore fan: spends actual real money on group’s cd’s, singles, concert dvd’s, memorabilia, and what not) I was a hardcore H.O.T-only type of fan until their break up in 2001, and then I left Kpop for a while because their break up was super traumatic for me. I went to teach/volunteer in Seoul the summer of 2004 and discovered DBSK, got super mad at SM for making H.O.T #2, but then started listening to kpop again because Hug was EVERYWHERE. It’s these trips to Korea that ruin me lol

fancracked: haha I was just about to say that xP but they are kind of like blessings in disguise :p

jieun: Yeah, I started writing again. My leave from Korean music left a drought in my writing too.

fancracked: And then you came back with The Venus Fly Trap Method right? ^^;

jieun: I actually came back under P_I_N_K with The End featuring Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Rae Won because I had just watched My Tutor Friend and Attic Cat in Korea. It was a story about first love and how circumstances in life ruin that first love, but in the end the main girl and boy end up together. It was VERRRY K-drama-esque. Lots of !!! drama. While I was writing the first chapter, I was hesitant to post as Ji_Eunie, so I looked around my room and saw a bottle of Victoria’s Secret P I N K perfume I had gotten as a gift and went with that.

fancracked: Do tell us what your multiple screen names mean (:

jieun: The very first one I used was Connye. I only used it for a short while. It’s the name of a frenemy I used to have in elementary school/middle school. She was the total opposite of me. Blonde blue eyed, athletic… everything I wanted to be in middle school. I wrote Last Dance under that SN and a couple of short stories I think.

My longest running penname is Traytor, and I picked that because I started writing Sechs Kies fanfiction under it. Back when I was a hardcore fan of H.O.T, you didn’t jump ship from your group. It wasn’t a rule with consequences or anything, but your “online reputation” got hurt a little bit if you jumped ship too much. A milder version of a girl being viewed as a skank if she sleeps around too much kinda thing. And back then, my niche was very deeply carved as an H.O.T fanfic writer, so I wanted my Sechs Kies fanfics to be viewed without bias. Something along those lines…so I posted up these six short stories and called it Sechs Kies: Six Crystals. So… unoriginal. But they were fun to write, and I brought the penname back later and wrote a lot of short stories as well as one novella-length story called Once We Get to Paradise with Shinhwa. It was fun.

PINK I already explained. The main full length fic under PINK is probably The Scarlet Fixation. Probably one of my heaviest/consistently emo/depressing fics.

The pennames kind of took a life of their own after a while, and it almost felt like I was a different person when I wrote under those pennames. I was active with all of them at one point for 2-3 years and no one caught me. I was sure I was going to get called out, but in the end, I ended up shooting myself in the foot.

For a number of years I was working on 3-4 full length fics at a time and posting in all of them regularly under different pennames. I’m not nearly as productive anymore :-( I had a comedy oriented penname called ChoolAe, but I never finished anything with it. Those are the main ones, I believe.

fancracked: THE COMEDY !

jieun: Yeah, I’m not much good at comedy.

fancracked: It’s too bad you never continued writing about Changmin and spandex.

jieun: HAHAH that story was so much fun. Oh Jae Joong…

fancracked: I’m sure all of us would have enjoyed a continuation!! lol Joongie as a genie … dun dun

fancracked: To be honest I’ve never felt too supportive of pennames just because I feel like they’ve been abused.

jieun: Um…you’re right. There’s definitely an influx of that.

fancracked: How do you think pennames have played a role in the fic world?

jieun: I think it has a lot to do with integrity. Back when I started writing, only nasty people with bad intentions signed on as some terribly spelled form of “anonymous” and left mean comments or tried to start drama. … When we had CGI boards, you could sign in under whatever name you wanted and post. It wasn’t like Soompi forums now where you had a designated SN that you could change after 1,000 posts or whatever. And to me, I never viewed my pennames as SCREEN NAMES, but PEN NAMES. And I rarely ever abused that right as a writer. I wrote under that name and posted under that name and that was the end. My intentions were all for my writer’s creativity, not to start drama.

fancracked: Honestly (and this is probably because I’m more used to forum formats) I’d be wary/suspicious of people under the CGI format. How did you guys really trust that so and so was writing whatever?

jieun: It was a smaller community. Everyone had their own quirks. And to outsiders, it’s not a community to join easily. Sooji and I have this running joke about how lucky we were back then because our community was so small and interest based because if some 40 year old pedophile wanted to meet up with us, he had to do MAJOR research and pretend to be a Korean girl before he got in. All my friends had 200+ AIM screen names made from various inside jokes/chatroom jokes we had. And all of us posted under ridiculous SN’s on forums, but we all knew who each other were. And if we weren’t sure, we’d just go “___??” and they’d be all “It’s MEE!” and it was over.

fancracked: HAHAHA aww how cute!

jieun: It actually makes me sad how much policing needs to be done now. Granted with a much, much larger group, it’s to be expected, but it almost feels like a neighborhood where you could leave your front door unlocked suddenly having to take more precautions.

fancracked: [On the topic of pennames] I cannot help but think of the oh so mysterious “unknown” who wrote Sky Blue.

jieun: Actually, I wanted to touch on Sky Blueand the unknown author. She wasn’t doing that to get attention back then, even though she got WAAAY attention. She posted under “unknown” because like me, she was a known Sechs Kies fanfic writer. And she was convinced that if she wrote a story with H.O.T members in it, it would be really popular. She was right. Sky Blue and the mystery of the unknown author made the fic blow up. Everyone was reading it and wondering who it was. It was an experiment, not a way to get attention. It was an unfortunate fact for the smaller group of Jekki fans. H.O.T fanfics dominated 98% of kpop fanfics. The rest were Jekki and other groups like NRG. … H.O.T fans started this modern idea of fandom. (fanfics, fan art, fan ___”) for kpop.

fancracked: As an insider/a friend of hers, what did you personally get out of observing the situation?

jieun: I actually didn’t find out who unknown was until after the story was posted. I was curious, but I figured if the girl wanted to reveal herself, she would in the end. [And] the experiment…was a cautionary tale? LOL Hype over a story is not necessarily all good? Fame in any form is fleeting? That sort of thing.

fancracked: You seem to be in the know of a lot of different fandoms and what sorts of fics there were regardless of your HOT-bias.

jieun: I have a nosy personality. ^^

fancracked: LOL <3 Although you’re known most as a writer… what sorts of fics and fandoms did you read and tap into? (:

jieun: I read mostly within my own fandom. I liked fanfics where Woo Hyuk and Kang Ta oppa were the leads. After that, I started looking for plots that interested me. The style of writing was important too. It wasn’t so much spelling grammar perfection, but the feel of the fic. If that makes any sense.

fancracked: hai hai I get you (: Can you name some “classics” of your time? ^^

jieun: My favorite fanfic of all time is Xerces’s Love Letters. It’s FTTS, but the story itself is wonderful. It’s this funny, quirky, coming of age story about this girl and her love hate relationship with Brian Joo. And of course, OF COURSE Hwan Hee is super mysterious and sexy and soccer captain in this story.

LOL, I love how I put it’s FTTS, BUT. I didn’t mean it like that. I mean like it’s not an H.O.T fic.

fancracked: It’s okay — we all have our fandom biases. But on the topic of HOT… if there were ever a wiki page for HOT fics, what sorts of profiles and/or interesting facts would be on it?

jieun: You know how with Shinhwa fics there are different characters that a member ALWAYS plays? Like the infamous year of Min Woo where he was a cold hearted bastard but on the inside he was a softie and only in love with one girl character? Kang Ta oppa was always the sweetie. Woo Hyuk oppa was always the cold guy with a dark past. Fought well, usually a mob boss’s son. Usually illegitimate son. Hee Jun oppa’s character got turned upside down with [TF] Love Inside Silence because he was such a bastard in that fic and so different from his interview self. But everyone loved him just the same. Tony and Jae Won oppa’s characters were usually interchangeable in the stories I read. But that’s not to say they didn’t play main characters.

fancracked: >_< As long as there’s no neglect (says the fangirl in me~)

jieun: Never! 5-1=0 or whatever that equation people use these days.

fancracked: wow, wow~~ pulling out all of the fangirling xP

jieun: I know right? Wrong math and everything!

fancracked: Nimmy-Naomi [MR.W@RHOL] has asked question on Tumblr for you (: Have you ever written about your Japanese biases? ^^

jieun: I have. There have been attempts, but nothing completed. The only J-pop star I wrote about was Takki actually.

fancracked: I remember Takki (and Minwoo who was also featured in that fic if my memory’s correct.) That winter feels so long ago ^^;;

jieun: I haven’t written about Ryo or Taku or Jin or any of them.

fancracked: Do you ever plan to write about them in the long run?—because I know you’ve fallen into the trap of JE these past few years ^^

jieun: I do love my JE boys, and my non-JE but JE affiliated actors like Oguri Shun. :-D

fancracked: But not as writing muses?

jieun: Probably not. Not that I don’t love them lots and lots, but I need to be really invested in someone to write about them, and my Japanese isn’t good enough to be 100% invested in them. However, I am working on that. … Unless I’m writing a short story as a gift to someone. Then I could probably write about them—but it would be with the friend in mind. Some of my favorite one shots are gift one shots.


fancracked: That’s so sweet <333

fancracked: Before we move on to more personal writing questions let me ask two more general questions about fics… What sorts of things make you happy and/or excited about fanfiction?

jieun: The excitement of creating a character that’s wholly mine. I can make him as good as I want, as bad as I want, as broken as I want. The CONTROL~

fancracked: What are things about fanfiction that make you feel nostalgic?
jieun: Everything before 2001.

… Part II will be posted shortly (:

3 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: JIEUN, PART I

  1. Xerces’ Love Letters is one of my favourite fanfics ever and it’s nice to hear a mention of it here. I’ve always what happened to Xerces or other old school writers. Nice to see Ji Eunie is still around though. :) I remember when I found out about all her s/ns. There was a lot of :O this going around and I was surprised no one figured it out for so long.

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