Name: Julie
DOB: 1987
Contact information: harphe[AT]
Online aliases: harphe, artemia, dodici
Forums most frequented: (Past) Solid07, ShinhwaSarang, FTTS Onjena, HeavenlySent and Soompi. (Present:) Soompi
Completed fics: Untitled [I’ve written others but they’re not worth mentioning ever again haha]
Current fics: Beyond Me
Additional information: I love everything Choi Seunghyun so if there is a TOPxNG fanfic, I’ll be there. I’m a super romantic at heart so simple romance fanfics are the best in my opinion. I’m not much into gangs or love triangles. I write when I’m at work since my job lets me sit in front of a computer all day doing absolutely nothing.

TOP 5…
– FAVORITE FICS: My ultimate favorite fanfic of all time would have to be ‘Black Coffee Talk’ by Kami. I love the way she put art into the fanfic as well as Hwanhee [my guilty pleasure]. Other favorites of mine include, ‘Kiss the Sky’ by Kami, ‘Habits’ and ‘Jaded’ by linkinpark and I can’t seem to pick between xerces’ fanfics [because they’re so beautifully written] or val’s [because they were the first fanfics I ever read.]

– FAVORITE WRITERS: Kami! Since she was one of the first fanfic writers that I read from, she immediately had an impact on me. Her writing was beautiful and I loved the way her stories had to do with art. Even though she only wrote two, they are my ultimate favorite fanfics.

– MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: The time range that I was active was probably 04-07. I have a horrid memory but during that time, the must read was anything on the old soompi fanfix page. Val, dilbangee, Ji_Eunie, kami, Cirrus, etc.

– GUILTY PLEASURES: The occasional arranged marriage still gets me as well as the tear jerking cancer stories. I don’t think people will ever stop writing those stories and I don’t think I could ever stop reading them! They’re always different some way.

– LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: ‘If I get a broken heart, I can just tape it back together.  If tape doesn’t work, then super glue should do the trick.’ – ‘Black Coffee Talk by Kami. This line defined my fanfic world. It was humorous, simple, and to the point. It gave hope to all broken hearted people. Also from Kiss the Sky… with Brian in the end when he was just sitting there [I don’t want to spoil what happens but it’s sad] all by himself waiting for his turn and when he would see her again, I just cried and bawled and everything in between. It was one of the saddest touching fanfics I had ever read.

– CHARACTER(S) & why: I can’t remember names that well and I haven’t read touch worthy fanfics in some time but the one that I remember the most was the main girls from Val’s What I Did for Love and Kami’s Kiss the Sky. The girls were both strong and independent women. I don’t like reading about weaklings and these two fanfics encompassed what a strong girl is supposed to be. Even if they were both sad. T_T They both did the best that they could with the circumstances that they were placed in <3

– COUPLE: n/a

– MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: When I first came into KPOP, it was all about Shinhwa fanfics and 1TYM fanfics. I read so many of them that I really don’t even know where to begin. Minwoo fanfics were everywhere, I mean, every thread, [I am very guilty of this] was Minwoo and his oh so bad ass personality. He was always a gang member of course haha. Then DBSK came, Big Bang, now 2PM, BEAST, and so many other idols that it’s gotten all confusing. Times do change quickly.

– THIS TITLE: Conversations Between Us by solangel. I’ve never read the fanfic but I’ve always thought the title was simple and sweet. Makes me wish I really did come up with it but we are all not that lucky haha. Same with Bartender and the Beast by Amaranth. I thought that was cute too.

– THIS LINE: ‘If I get a broken heart, I can just tape it back together.  If tape doesn’t work, then super glue should do the trick.’ – ‘Black Coffee Talk by Kami. Already mentioned why. It will forever be my favorite line from a fanfic.

Please write more TOP/Choi Seunghyun fanfics! I am begging the good people of KPOP world! He’s a beautiful man that deserves more stories written about him! I’ll read almost ANYTHING if it has him as the main guy! hahaha I sound so desperate. Oh and please spell check your writing! I find it odd when the author doesn’t even write the name of the main celebrity correctly. Thank you~ Special thanks to fancracked for asking me to write this interview. I apologize if it was boring. XD I’m not a very creative person hehehe.

3 thoughts on “FAN ON THE STREET: HARPHE

  1. I read Kiss The Sky by Kami about three years ago. I cried and up until today the story remains with me in everything I do. It made me realize so much about myself. How shallow I can be. I read it on an app and it was deleted shortly after. I’ll always be grateful for stumbling upon possibly the best story I’ve ever read.

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