Moley mentioned how Yo! by Shinhwa took the fic world by storm. Which music videos do you think were remarkably fanficcy and/or influential?

I started out as a Shinhwa fan so perhaps unsurprisingly, Yo! happens to be my all time favorite MV. I’ll never forget Minwoo’s blonde hair, his motorcycle, and the epic ending. I loved his bond with Eric (and Eric’s solo shots!) And of course, the romance!!! Bomi’s angst, her tough family situation, the classroom scene… This MV’s storyline completes my fangirly-fanficcy heart (along with All Your Dreams.) I’ve memorized the MV’s by heart but I could still rewatch them a zillion times and not tire of them because they are so epic and inspiring. They gave us gang fights, first love/high school romances, dance battles, etc. etc.

Next on the list for me is Tasha’s Haru Haru

Long lost loves, fatal illnesses, orphanages, and hired maids/workers all in one shot…

And then 1tym’s Without You.

Broken hearts, potential blindness, the return of the ex, Church scenes, pent up memories… and can I mention blonde hair one more time?!

Oh how I love kpop MV’s and fics!

Do gush and tell your favorites as well (;

3 thoughts on “YO!

  1. Holy goodness. :)
    I am absolutely guilty of having write a “YO!” storyline. Old school music videos were and are still thee best to turn to for influence. ;)

  2. XDDDDD Oh my. A trove of treasures for fanficcers right here.

    I think that the first Kpop mv I was introduced to was on VHS. My cousin had a thing for H.O.T. back them. It was pretty jarring to me. A compilation of mvs.

    I remember my brother or someone giggling at their hair in We are the Future. Like, “What are they wearing? Are they girls?” lol The comment will echo in my head forever now. I never would have dreamt that watching that faded VHS would be my introduction into Kpop.

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