I had the pleasure of interviewing Moley. This interview touches on a variety of topics including the classic and old school eras, being a “reply whore,” and more. Also… keep your eyes out for the number of fics Moley’s read!!

The Basics:

Name: Maly

DOB: May 1989

Contact information: moley@soompi

Online aliases: moley, thaMOLEY, xxmoleyxx

Forums most frequented: (past/present) soompitown/soompi, solid07, type-v, FFL, Dedicated to H.O.T., etc…

Completed fics: Glass Eyes, Call Me

Current fics: none, but I had an incomplete one – Crystal Clear

Additional information: …

fancracked: Hello Moley! Let’s start with the usual (: How long have you been into kpop and how did you get into it? ^^

moley: hmmm… I can’t remember if it was kpop before fanfics. But if it was kpop, then it was because of H.O.T.; if it was fanfics, then it was from reading What I Did For Love by val. And this was probably 11-12 years ago?! I got into it from a girl from church who turned out to be my best friend =)

fancracked: So you got into kpop probably around 1999-ish then? o: !

moley: Yes =( I feel old now. It was right around H.O.T.’s break up =(

fancracked: Aww ): that must have been tough.

moley: lol I remember crying for days! hahahahah

moley: I read What I Did For Love and didn’t even know the world of fanfics existed!

fancracked: lol we all have to start somewhere hahaha and I think What I Did For Love is like the universal “first fic.”

moley: YES lol

fancracked: Did your friend print it out for you? LOL I’m only asking because that’s how my sister got a hold of it wayyy back from her best friend too ^^;; haha

moley: YES LOL and a few months or so after that, my friend passed on a HUGE binder to me filled with them from her cousin.

fancracked: LOL LOL omg really?!!! Can you remember any of the fics that were in that binder? haha

moley: OMFG they’re so old … There were a few that weren’t complete … [for] the ones that weren’t complete, I went on a hunt like a madwoman…

fancracked: HAHA I can only imagine!

moley: Reckless Angel… I don’t know who wrote it but Eric Mun was the main guy. Second Round by tofu =( with Shin Hyesung (Tofu wrote In the Game of Love so Second Round was the sequel to it and back then I think it was only posted on FFL.) … There were other fics that I can’t remember.

fancracked: Speaking of fic sites, what other sites did you go on to read fics aside from FFL? ^^

moley: Back then there were two main sites that I checked for fanfics… Soompi Town & forums!!

fancracked: Looking back… what do you think is so special about kpop fics that have let them last through time? I guess… what is at the core of it?

moley: I think it’s first due to the kpop gasoos themselves. kpop has emerged to something so great that has brought a lot of different people together. So if we have all these hot, popular, and talented guys with amazing voices, of course fanfics will continue to live on. In addition to that, I think so many people read fanfics is because for that moment, everything else doesn’t matter. There are such strong stories that pull you right in and make you forget about the other things in life. Guys in fanfics are always so perfect. lol Back then I thought, screw all the real guys in my life!! I can live the rest of my life dreaming of Shin Hyesung and Im Taebin!! lol

fancracked: I totally know what you mean !! Especially about the last line HAHA … So were those two your favorites? xP

moley: Even though my love is forever with H.O.T., I always loved them ALL equally. For some reason I was IN LOVE with Hyesung’s YO look and Danny was always HOT … but of course every fangirl jumps around with their faves.

moley: After YO came out, EVERYBODY wrote fics about Minwoo, circulating that story line.

fancracked: What a fantastic time (for the Shinhwa fangirl in me! haha) … Do you remember any other really influential trends like that?

moley: Hmm… not that I can really remember … until non-gasoo fics came out, which became a REAL trend. And translated fics.

fancracked: Could you roughly pinpoint when non-gasoo and TF fics were really popular? When would you say they came around?

moley: hmm… 02-ish? Maybe even 01, but I can’t remember. =( it’s been such a long time… It may have started with Guiyeoni’s fics being translated… I can’t really remember. But back then there was great originality.

fancracked: By originality do you mean use of “original” (fictional) characters or originality in the fic content? ^^;

moley: Originality in general =) Not that I’m sayin writers these days aren’t original. Cause I don’t keep up but really, a lot of classic ones are from the day! lol

fancracked: What are some of your favorite classic fics/which classic fics do you think helped build the style of kpop fics in total? ^^;;;

moley: What I Did For Love by val of course… Sky Blue by unknown, Playing For Him by silver, In the Game of Love by tofu, Twin Dragons – I can’t remember who wrote that. It was with Danny Im!! =( [fancracked edit: It’s by tofu ^^]

fancracked: Oo nice title though!

moley: And then there was Caramel Frappuccino by kimlfx.

fancracked: If I remember correctly, you’re a rather big fan of 1tym ^^ (on the note of Danny.)

moley: I remember buying all their CD’s.

fancracked: haha aww

moley: YG/1tym fics were more “gangster” fics lol cause of their bad boy images. It was so hot LOL

fancracked: Do you remember when the “no more ‘post more’ comments” rule came about [on Soompi]? haha

moley: OMG

fancracked: How do you think it affected the fic section and how did it affect you personally if it did? ^^;;

moley: Well if you didn’t know… back then “cliques” started to form on Soompi o__o I don’t know how that started but mine was known as “reply whores” and we spammed fics like CRAZY … the ones that made us known were the popular fics that the members were reading and writing–especially those by kpopchild/crybaby and zoayu?! (Thousand Paper Cranes [and I can’t remember the title of kpopchild’s.])

fancracked: I wonder haha~ She wrote a lot O:

moley: She did write a lot so I can’t remember the title lol but those two is how we got “known.” lol People complained about the spamming and there was a lot of online drama back then when we didn’t have anything better to do… and since then, the 1 post/day rule came =)

fancracked: haha Did you by chance read Rowena’s Chocolates and Rain ?

moley: Yes! =) I read that while she was still writing.

fancracked: I always thought the rule came about because of that thread.

moley: Nope, from before that =) but that was a really good fic

fancracked: It was ): I wish it could be finished hahaha

fancracked: Are there any unfinished fics that you miss and/or wish could have been finished? o:

moley: =( a lot! Chocolates and Rain being one of them. Cherry Blossom by slvrstar. Glass Ceiling by fandango with Minwoo ? Singing For Her by silver was a sequel of Playing For Him and the fic was SO GOOD.

fancracked: haha OMG I know!

moley: It had Kangta in it and I can’t believe it never finished. It just TORE my heart. … There was also Fishy | Kitty by jamie with Bi (who I never liked.) She wrote very well lol

fancracked: What won you over then? (About his character.) ^^;

moley: Hmm… she made him sound really hot lol and if she had lots of readers, I had to be one of them lol

fancracked: I know “packaging” in terms of getting really nice posters/sigs/etc. got even BIGGER after that summer but I remember like the whole forum waiting to see her post more of that fic. I think it was especially thanks to her sig haha … I think it was a gold fish in a tank?

moley: I have no clue lol but back then, siggies were the way to get people to read your fic/ other people’s fics. Now, there are too many people and you can’t even keep up.

moley: Back then, I could go through all fics in the forum and know if I had read it or not yet o__o

fancracked: hahaha I know what you mean !! You could really keep tabs on so and so even if you didn’t read their stuff either x: … a strange sort of spidy sense, and like you said, it was smaller then.

moley: lol yeah

fancracked: All in all, if you had to guestimate, how many fics do you think you read?

moley: WOOO o__o that’s a good question

fancracked: Kind of hard LOL

moley: 300+ maybe? or am I low balling? lol  … well, I don’t know if other people were like me back then but I never wanted to lose anything so I kept docs of all fics and even today, they’re on my hard drive (finished & unfinished folders.) lol and most of the ones I have are ones I read lol

fancracked: haha nice!

moley: Yeah that was when people started requesting a lot and I always had them on file.

fancracked: So you were one of those who’d ‘replenish’ so to say and share.

moley: Yep =) back then they were on DISKS! lmfao

fancracked: Nowadays a lot of writers aren’t as willing to share their fics :\

moley: Yeah =/

fancracked: I know you also wrote, but you were quite the reader so I’m interested in hearing what you have to say to this next question ^^;; What do you think the role of a reader is for a writer?

moley: Well to a writer, a reader is very important. Every comment and post matters. I realized this before I became a writer, and while reading, I made sure the writer knew every time I had a crazy reaction to reading her story. lol I would point out anything that made me smile/laugh/cry because it’s what they want to know. It’s a common ground that both the reader/writer share so I thought it was very important to share and let them know as well … and I think all writers would appreciate that. And… what’s with silent readers? If the story is that good for you to read it, why not share your thoughts with them when it’s that easy? There are good books out there and you could NEVER contact the author but with fanfics, it’s so easy for a reader to let the writer know how you feel/ what you like.

fancracked: Totally get your drift (:

moley: It reminds me of Conversations Between a Gentleman & a Lady (Conversations Between Us) by solangel.

fancracked: How so? ^^;;

moley: There was a time when a lot of people were drawing similarities between her fic and another fic by Amaranth/Moe I think? And she stopped writing… so even though her thread was closed, I messaged her and told her what I thought. She wrote me back and said she was thankful for my input—and in the end, she did finish it.

fancracked: Aww T_T that’s so touching! You’re such a sweet and supportive reader <3333

moley: hahaha I still have the PM in my inbox. She wrote that I’m probably a great friend lol

fancracked: haha You must be !!!! It’s great that you’re this passionate.

moley: lol

fancracked: I think that’s what’s great about fanfiction — that passion does show through haha

moley: Yes it does. [And] even though we don’t keep in touch anymore, I’ll never forget the friends I’ve made =) … I actually got to meet up with one of them this summer hahaha Funny how much else kpop and fanfics can bring you … As cheesy as that may sound!

fancracked: How was it transitioning from reader to writer?

moley: I don’t think there were many changes for me. I still read as many fics as I always had, and personally I identify myself more as being a reader than a writer. The first fic that I wrote was Glass Eyes featuring Hyesung and as I look back at it, WOWWW, what a joke! LOL. While I wrote GE just for the sake of writing (back then, everybody had their own fics!), I didn’t really start writing until I wanted to again which was Crystal Clear. In between that, I wrote a one shot titled, Call Me. … What you have to be careful about is reading and making sure that you were incorporating your own ideas into your writing. That was something hard to do, considering that I was probably reading 30+ fics as I wrote CC.

fancracked: What inspired you to write? What motivated you to write if it was different from your source of inspiration?

moley: As I mentioned earlier, I wrote GE for the heck of it. There weren’t too many Hyesung fanfics so I thought why not?! CC was something I wanted to write, and if I had been more dedicated, I wanted to write a whole series with everyone having their own story. I thought that would be something fun and different. Sadly, I was never even able to finish part one of the series. =/ I think what inspired me the most to write was reading amazing stories, and I wanted to write one as well. While writing, what motivated me to write would be the encouragement from my readers of course.

fancracked: Who inspired you to write?

moley: Because I read a lot of fanfics, I have many! Hahah… just to name a few, DEFINITELY tofu, who I tracked down and begged her to write more! Sadly, she never finished but did thank me for being an awesome reader. Also (in no order): 4tang, Amaranth/Moe, Strawberry Crush, Guiyeoni, dilbangee, Solangel, jhigavicious, JK, kpopchild, Rowena…

fancracked: Did you ever come across any sort of advice or situation that changed your approach to writing/fanfiction for the better? What was it and how did it change you?

moley: Back then, there wasn’t much constructive criticism going on, but as time passed, I knew I didn’t want to write CC like how I had written GE. The fanfics that I chose to read also changed and I wanted more body and an actual story then something just full of dialogue, so of course, I had to apply that to my stories as well. Soompi was becoming swarmed with TF’s full of emoticons, and I swore to never use them while writing mine (not that I have anything against TF’s because everybody knows I had my own share of reading TF’s!)

fancracked: Any other thoughts on writing? Perhaps a certain memory pertaining to how a story came to be (the backstory) or whatever ^^;

moley: Based on GE and CC, I don’t think there were any real situations were ever written in my fanfics. A lot of fanfics tell stories about love, and let’s face it. Ten years ago, who knew anything about love (considering a lot writers were about the same age/age group)? O_o I guess that’s why I can’t really read fanfics anymore. While many still do hit straight to the heart on point, there are also many stories that I read back then that I wouldn’t read now because of what I have been through. However there was the one shot Call Me that I wrote in dedication to a youth member at my church who had passed away at the time. Her life was taken away at such a young age and I remember hearing how her boyfriend would call her cell phone just to hear her voice again. Being a few years younger and never experiencing anything close to love other than my gasoo love, it still broke my heart to know the grief he was going through. =/

fancracked: Would you like to send out any messages to anyone?

moley: To all my RW’s, I love you all. Thanks for memories that I will never forget – days of spazzing about hot guys via AIM & MSN leading to late nights, spamming Soompi fanfic threads, the gifts, the letters & mail, and most of all your friendship. To all my readers in the past, it was great knowing you all and thanks for the encouragement through writing even if I didn’t finish.

fancracked: Is there anything we missed that you’d like to cover?

moley: Well, people always ask why I don’t read anymore or how I became such an inactive member, being how I used to be one of the top posters of Soompi before the great crash. After the crash, I felt like Soompi was being swarmed with (excuse my bitterness) NEWBS! lol. I was still active after that, but it became tiresome trying to keep up with everything. I was not only active in the fanfic section, but also the kpop, artwork/requests, k-dramas, and (back then when they had it for a short period of time) the media sharing section. So with the huge increase in members, I felt unfamiliar with Soompi and stuck to what I knew only. The fanfic section continued to grow, and soon after the fics I read finished, I was lazy to find something new to read. Also, a big reason why people read back then was because of the gasoo being featured in the fanfic. Most of the fanfics I read had members of H.O.T., Click-B, Shinhwa, 1TYM, etc… so I loved reading!

Now, there are groups like Super Junior and Big Bang, and while I sit here and wonder WHO CARES?!, there are other millions of other fangirls who mirror the Moley I once was years ago. I remember when Super Junior first came out and discussing them among my fellow RW’s who were also kpop crazed. We thought it was the most ridiculous thing to have a group of 12 (and later 13) people! We would joke and say, “WTH, they get to sing 10 seconds each of the song?!” LOL. Well, who knew they would make it this big years later. (I am totally not hating. I jam to Sorry Sorry on a daily basis LOL But I don’t consider myself as a fan either). Then there was also DBSK (who debuted before SuJu of course) who were supposedly THE next H.O.T. You can see how pissed/bitter an H.O.T. fan would be when reading the latest kpop news, so I totally agree with Sooji’s comments about fan wars and loyalty. Even up to recently when I discovered a video on youtube of DBSK dancing to H.O.T.’s IYAH and saw people commenting that DBSK did it better. PUH-LEASE, how can they do it better than the ORIGINAL?! Come onnnn!

Anyway, now I’m going off onto a different track. lol, but at the time, I also got my first job so life wasn’t as allowing to online time as before. Fast forward and I’m a junior in college now! You only have time for so much, and I chose to give my all to the people in my life, school, work, and kdramas here and there. So that explains it. =)

fancracked: Thank you for your time and perspective! ^^*

moley: No problem =) glad to help. It was great talking to you and bringing me back memories hahah By the way… I just wanted to tell you that I just connected my hard drive [and] 700+ fanfics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fancracked: OMG O_O wow !! HAHAHA that is amazing—you are amazing! haha but yes ^^ thanks once again, Moley! (:

As a closing question for you readers… how many fics do you think you’ve read?

3 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: MOLEY

  1. ^^ this is interesting view.
    And I agreed with you as a point, nothing better than Original. And I’m Kpopfan 90′ too. but I’m more into Girlgroups haha.. though I’m a girl.
    Awesome time!

  2. i wandered to this wordpress after googling some old school soompi fics i wanted to read again, and i see this interview of an old (and dear) friend! <3

    reading moley's interview definitely brings back memories of soompi before the crash. the late nights, the amazing graphic artists, the amazing fics, our immaturity, the spamming…

    and, of course, the RW. @moley's shoutout — i miss our spazzy conversations so much. we were so young back then…i miss all of us. and i miss the way soompi used to be back in the good old days.

    i know it's evolving with the times and the massive growth of kpop, but i miss the soompi without the fanclubs and the main news page and the personal blogs. i miss the soompi with less than 10,000 members. i miss it all.

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