UPDATE: what do YOU want?

Hey there,

So far interviews have been the only sort of content released on Time Vault, but if you’ve read the About page (or the side box) you’ll know that this blog won’t just feature interviews.

Commentaries will also be a major component. They are basically free response pieces about various aspects of kpop fanfiction. In order to make them worthwhile though, I need to hear from you…

What sorts of fic-related topics you’d like to see covered here on Time Vault? Character stereotypes (i.e. the innocent Mary Sue or the icy cold Lee Minwoo/jerk), fic and writing trends (i.e. uhljjang/translated fic styles, the rise of SuYin/other popular pairings), you name it. Also, if you’d like to *write* about any of these topics, please e-mail me for more information at timevaulted[AT]gmail.com.

In other news… I’ve put up a Profile page. Please comment or e-mail (timevaulted[AT]gmail.com) to get your profile added.

Lastly, if you want to keep tabs on Time Vault in real time, follow the blog’s twitter – timevaulted.

Thanks for staying with the program thus far,


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