Meet Yin, a very eloquent writer and familiar face in the fic world. In this interview she touched on fanfiction’s special pull, silent readers, some of her favorite characters, and more.

The Basics:

Name: Yin


Contact information: Pseudonym@soompi

Online aliases: Pseudonym

Forums most frequented: soompi, WA, W2D

Completed fics: The Colors of Art, George, Tinker of a Bell, Sunday Morning Confessions, Beautiful, Jessica, Good Cop Bad Cop (all have nothing past four chapters)

Current fics: several, but all untitled

Additional information: —

fancracked: Hello Yin (: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview ^^ You’ve been around for as long as I can remember… just when did you get started? And how did you get started?

yin: I started going on Soompi in 2004 and that became my introduction to the world of fanfiction.  My first fanfic was What I Did For Love by Val but I had read it through a click through link from a friend’s profile, and at that time, I wasn’t so intent on exploring who those characters were and if there were more stories.


fancracked: haha What I Did For Love… it feels like it’s a common first. Thinking back, what was your first impression of fanfiction and how has it changed as you stayed around?

yin: I have to admit, I never liked the idea of fanfiction.  If I think back, all I could relate it to was people conjuring stories with existing characters from books, movies, video games, etc.  I had the notion that if something was written, there shouldn’t be any other way of this character ending up with that character.  When I started getting to know Shinhwa, my first kpop group, it didn’t hit me that fanfiction was anything like I had thought. [On the topic of changes] more and more people choose to write about characters that don’t exist and yes, it defeats the whole definition of fanfiction.  Writers have become more demanding on readers.  I’ve seen some that state, “no silent readers!” or “if you’re a silent reader, you have to reply!!!”  Statements like that don’t go anywhere, and no one can control who reads or writes what.

fancracked: I know you take a liking to books, mangas, art history, and other aspects of pop culture, but what is it about fanfiction that brings you back to it?

yin: It’s the feeling.  I remember when I started reading fanfiction, there was excitement and longing to know what happened to the characters of so and so’s story, or who killed who, etc.  I always return out of habit, and to see if there are still stories that hold that power.

fancracked: Ahh ~ Can you give us specific stories that have given that affect/left the deepest impressions? ^^

yin: That is hard, lol. Let me rack my brain… Jaded by linkinpark, Because I’m Beautiful by Me2, Virgins by JAMIE, [TF] One Day My Heart Told Me translated by Anti_Goorah, Blue Masquerade by Aramis, Minwoo’s Daughter by ilovefany86, Sleepless by dilbangee, Alone by Judy (I think this was the title.  Junjin was in it and the main girl was a nerd?) … There’s more but I can’t remember.

fancracked: This may be a bit redundant but what do you think makes other people come back to fanfiction?–especially in this day and age where people aren’t as… friendly and welcoming as they were in 04 (I dare say :P)

yin: Fandom plays a large part.  Back in 04 when I was crazy about Shinhwa, I would read stories about them no matter how redundant the plots were.  Nowadays, it’s still the same.  Fans of 2pm will write and read about them. Same with Big Bang, Wonder Girls, etc.

fancracked: haha I never knew you were such a big Shinhwa fan! I always thought of you as an FTTS girl.

yin: haha, I was a Shinhwa fan before FTTS. I have their 6th and 7th album, including the special edition 7th.  I went out of my way to get it when I saw someone selling it even though it was practically the same thing.  Oh, and I have their concert albums too.

fancracked: Oh wow !!! Major fan over here~

yin: lol Yeah sometimes I wish I still was!

fancracked: Aww ): I know what you mean TT_TT Don’t worry… the Shinhwa members have big hearts haha and I get the feeling they really will stay forever !

yin: I hope they come back with another album soon.

fancracked: Me too!

fancracked: You touched on silent readers a bit earlier. Can you give us a more detailed opinion on it?

yin: To put it in bluntly, it’s stupid.  I don’t understand in what way these writers think they have the power to tell what silent readers have to do.  It reeks of desperation and greed.  When I started writing, I didn’t have anyone replying but that didn’t make me go and tell silent readers to reply.  I have always held on to “writing for yourself” and if no one reads, it’s okay because I’m doing this for myself.

fancracked: If you had the opportunity to do the following activities with your favorite fic characters (ones you’ve written/read about), who would you pick to spend a day with, have coffee with, have a meal with, take a walk with, be a classmate with, and lastly, be a lover with? Which character would you like to be?

yin: oh boy lol o_o I want to be a classmate with Wooyoung from NERD by JK  just because he seems so playful and can still help me when I’m in trouble. Plus, he’s smart so I can copy his homework.

fancracked: HAHAHA omg ~~~ nice pick hehe

yin: I would want to spend a day with Minwoo from Wolf & Sheep by kpopchild. It’s a gang fic and who doesn’t love a tease like Minwoo. Handling guns and killing people sounds fun. …Lee Minwoo is the death of everyone lol

fancracked: I agree!!!! (now you’ve gotten me in a huge LMW mood xp)

yin: lol Good hehehe I would want to have coffee with Hwanhee from The New Year by yuns. He doesn’t really play a big part in the fanfic and I would definitely like to get to know him.

fancracked: Oh wow I have to go back and reread that O_O I haven’t thought about that fic since it was finished aww~ xp (this brings back the old days for me haha!)

yin: haha I’m glad.  I really liked that story.

fancracked: Me too (:

yin: I want to be a lover with Hwanhee from Fragments by Aziraphale. Hwanhee is a flawed character and being that he can get his life together is someone I want to be with. It’s a good fic. One of the few FTTS stories ones out there, especially on Soompi.

fancracked: sigh~~~ I wish I could read more of them ne. I went back and read Love Letter by xerces the other day.

yin: Ah I remember that. Brian was so sweet.

fancracked: I know right? hehe

yin: I read it a couple years ago and thought it was so cheesy in a cute way, but if I read it when I started reading I think it would have been one of my favorite stories.

fancracked: Reading it now makes me all nostalgic about like “first loves” and all.

yin: Ah, yeah.  I would want to have a meal with Sylvia from Sylvia by club eden.  Taking about it makes me want to reread it but in the story, she’s more of a figment of imagination since she doesn’t appear to make an apparent role.  She plays the other woman and the story is Jane on a journey to find who she is.  I used to desire to be a Mary Sue, but I think it’s because when you’re young you want to be perfect.  Now, I want to be someone who is flawed and has had so much to deal with in the past.  Experience is what you learn from and what makes you stronger.


fancracked: Let’s talk about your writing… you share it so sparingly that it’s hard to find as well ):  And now that I think about it, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a long-term fic from you!

yin: I never finished anything long lol I’m not very committed haha I have an early short story on Soompi… I actually don’t even remember the name o_o

fancracked: haha oh gosh TT_TT but I know you participate in the Soompi Short Stories Battle Thread (: I started reading your one about characters being in a prison cell the other day.

yin: Bad Cop Good Cop. Oh and the short story is The Colors of Art.

fancracked: Tell us a bit about it ^^

yin: It’s about a girl who falls into water when she wanted to take a photo and is saved by a guy.  Time passes and she finds a photo that triggers some memories — turns out the guy who saved her is her on-the-verge-of-breaking-up boyfriend.  Yadi yadi happens and because I wanted a sad ending even if they were together, he’s color blind. I think that’s how it went. Hah.

fancracked: GAH ! Epic ~~~ So much drama is already filled in that little synopsis TT_TT

yin: haha, maybe I shouldn’t have spoiled it. But no one instantly got that until I mentioned it at the very end: he’s color blind. Initially I started writing in notebooks but I turned to the computer afterward (got sick of seeing my handwriting).  It’s funny that we’re talking about this because I was cleaning my room and going through those notebooks.  I actually found some stuff I thought I lost forever to the CGI board I used to post on.

yin: I never plan my stories.  I have a beginning and an end, that’s it. I never factored in filling the middle when I started writing and I’m still working on that. I used to daydream so much about stories that I can’t remember how I even did that.  Nowadays I just jot down my sentences on paper and collect everything when I want to sit down and write. But there was this one story I loved so much (it was about art as well.)  It went down with my crashed hard drive.

fancracked: ): I hate when things crash down TT_TT (email them to yourself for a back copy xp it’s what I usually do)

yin: Good idea haha

fancracked: Can you recall any words of wisdom/experiences that have helped you grow as a writer? ^^

yin: For my very first fanfic, I devoted one entire chapter to the girl walking around the apartment, making hot chocolate, looking around, leaving the apartment.  flavafloss, one of the Soompi fanfix mods at the time, advised me to not be so detailed.  That was something I didn’t think of and I still use it today.


fancracked: If someone was starting out writing right now, what’d you say to them in turn? ^^

yin: Write what you want to write.  Don’t be swayed by opinions on how your story should go or how your characters should act.  The words are in your hands, no one else’s.

fancracked: What genres/trends do you think made an impact in the fic world and which ones did you enjoy/partake in (either as a reader/writer)?

yin: Come to think of it, my first story didn’t even have anyone famous o_o

fancracked: oo NG then?

yin: Yep.  Day by Day was my first fanfic (with FTTS.) [About] trends… hm… gang fics made an impact and I usually associate them with Minwoo. Maybe the effect of Yo!?

fancracked: haha must be xp When I watched the music videos for All Your Dreams and Yo I understood then… the kind of like symbiotic relationship between music videos, fandom, and fanfiction (that is, to a new level/extreme haha)

yin: Oh yeah lol And Kangta always seems to never get the girl. Ohh and when the celebrities were celebrities in the stories. I think the story was Say My Name (?) and 2 girls were at the FTTS concert. Those were stories I really enjoyed. I’m not sure who the writer was [for the Say My Name fic but] the girls wore shirts that said “Brian is the breast” or something like that. [Not a trend, but] right now I enjoy writing dark fics.  Murders and suicides are more interesting to write, but romance is something I have a spot for.

fancracked: What is it about the appeal of dark fics?~~

yin: It’s different. The majority of stories on Soompi are romance and to read something that’s at the other end of the spectrum is interesting.  I’ve never read a dark fic but I see the appeal.  It’s there and it’s hard to say no to.

fancracked: So since you said you’ve been writing dark fics as of late, can you tell us a bit about them?

yin: I find there’s a certain formula to them, even more precise than when I wrote romance.  For Bad Cop Good Cop, everything had to be a certain way or else the story didn’t make sense.  I was writing another piece for SSSB and it was dark too, but I couldn’t finish it due to unforeseen circumstances.  I’ve gone back to try to finish it, but the feeling is gone.  I’m thinking of a 2pm one but I don’t have anything down.  I hope I finish it and can share it.

fancracked: Oo so are you one of those writers who finish everything before posting?

yin: I’m striving to be like that. In the past, I would post after I wrote and it’s pressure to churn out another one immediately when you have readers waiting.

fancracked: hai hai Pressure is like a double edge sword.

yin: Yeah. You want it then you don’t.

fancracked: lol indeed~

fancracked: Ahh, the interview is coming to a close. Do you have anything else you’d like to touch on that we didn’t get a chance to cover?

yin: The other day I went into a thread and there was no story.  I thought, okay maybe the person is editing and will post soon. I return and see there’s one reply but there’s still no story.  There is still artwork and other things but that really defeats the purpose of having a fanfic thread when words aren’t even there.  Please don’t clutter the first post with artwork and end up with nothing for the readers to read.


fancracked: Thanks so much for doing this interview with me :D <3

yin: No problem.  It was an honor and a pleasure. Thanks for this opportunity ^^

One thought on “INTERVIEW: YIN

  1. lmao at you even remembering the name of the mod who gave you the advice (on you writing a whole chapter about a girl walking around her apartment) XD

    and its awesome if you’re trying to finish your fics before actually posting it up. i think thats a lot more considerate for the readers as we actually get really disappointed when fics are discontinued/hiatus … a great goal for writers to try and reach :)

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