Whether you are new or old to fanfiction, I hope that you will be able to find something of interest and value as you browse through the interviews and commentaries. I invite you to stick around and participate in our various discussions and activities.

This blog’s namesake comes from Shinhwa’s song “Time Machine,” particularly the following lyrics:

Time is passing, my heart is changing,
the waters and mountains are changing,
But friends are always friends.
My heart has found a refuge,
a backup place.
When you want to stop and rest along the way,
take me out so you can sit anytime and rest.
Earn your strength
as you look at me,
know that you can do it.

– translation from Aheeyah

(warning: do not continue on if you are not in fact a fic addict! ;p)

Just like this song says, fanfiction acts as a “refuge” and a “backup place” throughout our lives as fic addicts.

For those who are just getting into fanfiction, fanfic boards become the place of designation for all-nighters as you sit reading through classics like Val’s “What I Did For Love,” as you spazz and giggle along to your first taste of fan crack, as you cry through your first tragedy—as you turn around to your family and friends, waving your hands like a maniac either to tell them to join you or to leave you alone so you can go back to devouring another chapter til dawn.

For those who are currently addicted to fanfiction, it becomes your constant companion as you go through your day—in the car, on the bus, in the classroom, even in the kitchen as you’re washing the dishes—dreaming up this and that scene, making mental notes and jotting down ideas on old, crumpled receipts and tissues, excited for the moment when you can sit and write in peace.

For those who have moved on and found new “mountains” to climb, it becomes a different sort of “refuge”—a vault of memories of AIM/MSN conversations with other fic addicts, of the sight of CGI board posts, and dreaded dial-up sounds late into the night when the rest of the house is sleeping.

Fanfiction is that one place you can count on to turn to when looking for fun and engagement, and at times, comfort, insight, inspiration, and of course, guilty pleasure. No matter which stage you are in, know that fanfiction will always be home.

I hope Time Vault can help strengthen, supplement, and/or remind you of your love for fanfiction as you go through the blog’s entries.

All the best,


One thought on “WELCOME TO TIME VAULT!

  1. :O i didnt know you named it after shinhwa song >< ! now i like this site even more :P jkjk

    "dreaded dial-up sounds late into the night when the rest of the house is sleeping."
    LOL that applied to me … man the dial up days and that noise it made -_- … really unforgettable. and having to reconnect and hearing the noise again further into the night cos 'i just have to read the next chapter'.

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